Deadlines & Costs

Cost Comparison Chart

Deadlines:LACC accepts applications from new international students for the Fall and Spring semesters. LACC divides its academic year into two (2) semesters:
Application Deadlines

Semester Due Date Classes Begin
Fall May 30 1st Week of September*
Spring Nov 15 1st Week of February*

* The exact dates vary each year. Please consult the current issue of LACC’s catalog for more specific information.


The estimated expenses below are for the Fall and Spring semesters, which you must attend. There is a six week summer session that you may attend.

Non-resident tuition is currently $243.00 per unit and is subject to change by the Los Angeles Community College District effective on July 1st each year.

Enrollment fee is currently $46.00 per unit and is subject to change each year by the State of California.

Full Time (12 units)
1. Tuition
2. Enrollment Fee
3. Associated Students
4. Health Office Fee
5. Health Insurance $636.00 $1272.00
6. Books (approximately)

Summer school fees are not included above. However, if you enroll for the Summer session you may enroll in a maximum of 6 units.